Zucchini Holiday

A Summer Holiday for Zucchini?

MakennaandZucchiniThere are some great summer holidays — like National Friendship Day on July 30, created by Hallmark in 1919. In a brilliant marketing move, Hallmark encouraged people to honor their friends with cards. By 1940 the holiday was fading, but in April 2011 the United Nations brought it back as International Friendship Day!

August 6 has the distinction of being both National Root Beer Float Day and National Fresh Breath Day. I suppose it would be a good idea to celebrate Root Beer Float Day first and then brush your teeth to celebrate National Fresh Breath Day.

But there is one holiday that stands above the rest. It’s a day of generosity and goodwill. A day that honors friends and dietary fiber alike.

August 8 is National Sneak Some Zucchini into your Neighbor’s Porch Day!

Have you ever grown zucchini in your garden? If not, let me explain the wonders of the noble zucchini.

The zucchini plant is an attractive specimen sporting enormous, vibrant leaves sprinkled with fierce hairs that could almost be described as thorns. Zucchinis look so gentle and polite when displayed in the grocery store. But as any gardener will attest the zucchini is a stealth vegetable. The juvenile zucchini rests demurely beneath the leaf cover; invisibly storing up energy into an impossibly small space, until one day some as-yet-unknown trigger causes the fruit to enter the growth orgy stage during which it expands to 4 times its size. One minute you’re wondering when the fruit might be ready to pick. And the next minute you are fighting to wriggle free of its crushing weight.

The experienced zucchini rancher knows never to leave a juvenile zucchini unattended lest the innocuous fruit turn into a hard, fully formed and inedible club. Some anthropologists have suggested that that the iconic cave men club pictured in so many cartoons was actually derived from the fully mature, wild zucchini.

A single zucchini plant will feed a family of four all summer long. Go ahead and plant two, so that you’ll be ready to celebrate National Sneak Some Zucchini into your Neighbor’s Porch Day.

Zucchini! It’s what’s for dinner!

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