Who Swears

 Who Swears the Most?

StatesThatSwear-FroSerioustoHilariosSo which state’s residents do you think swear the most?  Do you think the folks in the Northeast might be the quickest to use a curse word?  Does the Midwest hold the title for the most polite?  How about those sweet Southerners?

Well, the answer may surprise you…

Last year, a Seattle based mobile marketing company analyzed data from 600,000 phone calls. The New York Daily News published the results ranking the Top 5 states Most Likely to Curse and the Top 5 States Least Likely to Curse.

States with the sharpest tongues…

The states with residents who were the fastest on the phone to let the 4 letter words fly were, in order, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana and Illinois. Surprised?  Thought you might be.

Now most importantly, where does our fair state of Washington fall?  Proudly,  we can report Washington tops the list of the Top 5 States Least Likely to Curse.  Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas and Virginia round out the list.  So yay for us!

Every reason to swear…

Those of us living here aren’t surprised by how courteous and considerate our neighbors are.  The only real surprise is that we, in the greater Seattle area, can curse so little and sit through so much TRAFFIC!!!!  With bridge closures, construction and the constant surprise of folks forgetting how to drive in the rain…….for goodness sakes!

Click here for the full article from the New York Daily News.



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