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Science of Humor

“Darn all of those PC rules. You just can’t tell a good joke anymore.”

Science is now discovering that the insistence on political correctness is actually good for you. It was even for the people who were frustrated that they couldn’t tell mean jokes anymore.

As the researchers put it, “Hostile humor is…

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How of Humor Workshop

Speakers, teachers, and marketers all know that humor gives sparkle and pop to your presence.

But even naturally funny people sometimes wish that they knew the formula behind the comedy to make humor more dependable.

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Humor and the Rule of Three

“A Jew, a Hindu, and a Christian walk into a bar–” Sound familiar?

For some reason, human beings like to hear things in groups of three.

Rhetorically speaking, this is sometimes called the Rule of Three, and it is just as powerful in a serious context as it is in humor.

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