Swine Flu Blues

I’ve Got the Swine Flu Blues

Swine FluMy head feels like an anchor, my shoulders feel like lead.
My voice went on vacation and my stomach won’t be fed.
My temperature got so hot that the thermometer just turned red.
Emails are stacking up, I don’t even care what they said.

(Doingy-doing-doing Doinggg Doinggg)
Just tell them I’ve got the swi -iiii – ine flu .

I’ve got work a-piling, I can’t afford to be sick.
Too bad you’ve been chosen. No one gets to pick.
You got yourself a flu vaccine and thought that’d save you in the nick.
But viruses change like fashion, they mutate right quick.

(Doingy-doing-doing Doinggg Doinggg)
Babe you’ve got the swi -iiii – ine flu.



You’re running out of undies, you’re running out of socks.

You’re rationing your Kleenix, but you’re down to one box.
You say you don’t like hoarding, but now look who talks.
Haivng a little more on hand, might have kept you off the rocks.

(Doingy-doing-doing Doinggg Doinggg)
Time to learn from the swi -iiii – ine flu.

Person SneezingAwww – choo.

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