Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Secret Spice Blend?

In 2016 Jay Jones, freelance writer for the Chicago Tribune, shared the story of Colonel Sander’s nephew, who showed him an old family scrapbook listing (you guessed it) the family secret blend of 11 herbs and spices for KFC’s famous fried chicken.

Countless people, through the years, have tried to unearth this gastronomic treasure. And KFC has used this to their advantage.  In 2008, they used a Brink’s armored truck and a briefcase marked “Top Secret” when it made a big show of beefing up security at a vault containing the Colonel’s secret handwritten recipe. Other strategies included using two different suppliers to prepare parts of the mix so that no single source could crack the code.

Feeding the mystique

The KFC website,, recently featured Colonel Sanders saying he’s finally ready to tell the world the recipe. Just as he’s about to tell all, the sound malfunctions and an “out of order” sign pops up on the screen.

So imagine Jay Jones’ excitement when he ended up with a list of 11 herbs and spices plucked from Colonel Sander’s own family cookbook. But let him explain.

But is this the real meal deal?

An online chef with her own website dedicated to cooking tried the blend and reported her findings at:

Recipe courtesy of Sarah Rae Smith, contributor to Kitchn, a website dedicated to great food.

If any of you try this recipe, please contact Moving Forward at 425-702.8761, and let us know what you decide.  Is this the authentic flavor of KFC chicken?  Our mouths are watering to know.

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