I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Have you heard that sea otters hold hands when asleep?  Well, it  is true.

Often a mother and pup will hold on to each other to keep from drifting apart. But that isn’t the only thing they do—they often use kelp.

Sea otters wrap themselves in strands of kelp which grow from the sea bottom all the way up to the surface; that can be a huge strand!


They use it as an anchor so they can sleep without worry that they or their little pup float out to sea.

Mother otters are incredibly hard working, spending huge amounts of time feeding, grooming and teaching their pups to swim and hunt.  If she wants to make sure her pup stays in place while she looks for food, she may wrap him in kelp and dive down.  When she returns, he’s right there, waiting for her.

Aaaaaah, what a tender scene. Holding hands while sleeping. Should we try it at home?

I’m not sure we could keep it up for long.  What do you think?

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