Comedian Crows

Crows – The Comedians of the Bird World

ComedianCrows-KatieMunozCrows are clever, curious and creative problem solvers.  They have long had a reputation among the Native American people as the clowns of the animal kingdom.

Crows have shiny jet black plumage with curious eyes, hopping gait, and a remarkable level of intelligence. With more than 120 species, crows thrive in almost all the continents, other than Antarctica. People have long been fascinated by crows. They are often misunderstood and mistreated, but did you know that Crows have the biggest brain to body ratio among all the bird species?  The forebrain of the Crow is highly developed and is much similar to the human brain.

We can be grateful to the crow because they control pests that destroy crops, and they are Carrion birds, (they eat garbage and other animals that have been killed).

Did you know that crows have the most beautiful nests?  They gather the shiniest objects to decorate their nests for their crow families.

Many people have crows for pets, because the birds are very social and can even bond with their humans.

CrowSmarterThanOwl-KatieMunozCrows are said to be much smarter than owls and they are even smarter than parrots.  They can mimic human sounds, much like the parrot.

Did you know that crows have such high level of intelligence that it has been observed that if a crow is unable to crack a nut, then it puts it on a highway so that a vehicle could pass over it to crack it open? In addition, they prefer to put the nut under smaller vehicles so that the kernel is not reduced to pulp!

My assistant, Kathryn, had her own crow moment a few years ago.  She’d had a bad day and driving down the street after work to pick up her daughter, she was re-thinking her choices because she had a bad day.  Everything went wrong, you know how it is and asking herself the questions that we all face at one time or another, “What am I doing here?, What is my purpose? And with a furrowed brow and hands clutching the steering wheel she stopped at a light.  In front of her, crossing the street in the crosswalk was a crow hopping across the street, nodding at passing pedestrians like a dignified little man out for an afternoon stroll!

Crows are clowns-KatieMunozThis crow seemed to know at that moment that Kathryn needed some comic relief.  She was caught by surprise that a crow would be walking in the crosswalk like a human.  In that moment all her frustrations that had built up over time simply melted away and she began to laugh and since that time, when she remembers the crow in the crosswalk she smiles and immediately she releases all her tensions.  The clown of the bird kingdom reminds us to take things a little less seriously and have fun!

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