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Wisdom Teeth

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors coped with wisdom teeth before there were dentists? I was 24 when my wisdom teeth suddenly started making a break for freedom. And I was stumped.

Now why did I have 4 extra teeth for which there wasn’t any room?

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Power Point Oops

At a networking event yesterday a very articulate and knowledgeable person explained a new program that sounded fabulous. Great topic, great voice, good pacing, and well organized. He was warm, sincere, convincing and had added just the right touch of humor to keep things lively. It was just an all around good presentation — except for the Power Point.

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Fear of Public Speaking

What’s the one thing that new speakers fear the most about giving a speech? You might think the answer is “everything,” but there is one fear that tops all the others.

That fear is, “OMG! I’m so afraid that my mind will go blank and I’ll just be standing up there in front of everybody, looking like a complete fool!”

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Microphone Shock

Have you ever listened to someone use a microphone for the first time? Do you remember the first time you used one?

Maybe you were at the Chamber of Commerce’s giant, annual, Bring a Guest Meeting. The crowd was so big, that they rented a microphone for the occasion. The meeting director said a few words of welcome and then it was time for each person to introduce themselves to the group.

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