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Wisdom Teeth

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors coped with wisdom teeth before there were dentists? I was 24 when my wisdom teeth suddenly started making a break for freedom. And I was stumped.

Now why did I have 4 extra teeth for which there wasn’t any room?

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Funny Sounds of Humor

I once heard that Buddy Hackett said that words with a ‘K’ sound in them are funny. So true!

A “car” is funnier than “automobile.”
A “caboose” is funnier than an engine.
A “cacophony of cats” is funnier than a noisy bunch of dogs.

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Parody, Satire, Farce

Have you even felt annoyed at the endless speeches, postcards, telephone calls and advertisements during an election cycle? Have you even wanted to poke any of that preposterousness? To parody any of that pompousness? To lampoon any of that lofty speechifying?

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Humor and the Rule of Three

“A Jew, a Hindu, and a Christian walk into a bar–” Sound familiar?

For some reason, human beings like to hear things in groups of three.

Rhetorically speaking, this is sometimes called the Rule of Three, and it is just as powerful in a serious context as it is in humor.

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Laughing Baby

What is Funny

What is funny?

What makes us laugh?

Why is something “funny?”

In the most general of terms, humor is a way for humans to release tension in an uncomfortable situation. Peace, contentment, and joy are wonderful states of being; but they aren’t funny. Humor comes from the things that go wrong:

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