• Would You Like to Have Fun?
  • Memorable Message
  • Keep Audience Attention
  • Motivate Your Employees
  • Charm Your Clients


News Flash! Laughing is good for your health! It’s just as necessary as eating vegetables, but it’s so much more fun!

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If you have a sense of humor, then YOU can make people laugh. Learn how!

  • Make Your Marketing Message Memorable with Humor
  • Vitamin H: Turning Doom and Gloom into Room to Bloom
  • Motivating Teams with Humor

KEYNOTES: Are your conference attendees running out of steam early?  Rally their endorphins with a healthy helping of humorous stories:  Tales of backwoods survival, coming out of the closet as a math nerd, and the hazards of driving in French.   will rally their endorphins. Yes, the keynote can be customized to the theme of your conference.

COACHING: Personal one-on-one coaching to fine tune the prowess, potency, and perspicaciousness of your punch lines.