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Power of Flattery

Have you heard that Marilyn Monroe wore a size 16? Whatever size dress she actually wore, she was certainly a bit plumper than our current standard of beauty. Ever since Twiggy (Leslie Hornsby, size 2), the Western ideal of beauty has gone skinny. Whereas in other parts of the world,

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Science of Humor

“Darn all of those PC rules. You just can’t tell a good joke anymore.”

Science is now discovering that the insistence on political correctness is actually good for you. It was even for the people who were frustrated that they couldn’t tell mean jokes anymore.

As the researchers put it, “Hostile humor is…

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Could this be the latest in new school yard taunts, “Hey You Son a Neanderthal?” Or is it just the latest revelation from DNA?
Back when I was a kid, Neanderthals were known to be strong, lumbering and dumb. They thrived in Europe and the Middle East for some 200,000 years, where they did just fine until modern humans arrived. That’s when they realized that they couldn’t compete with our superior intelligence and hunting abilities. So they all fell down in awe and went extinct.

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Weird Sports from Past Olympics

Past Olympics have included some truly bizarre sports, including pistol dueling in 1912. No kidding!
The Olympics have included some pretty unexpected events over the years, some as official competitions and some as demonstration events.

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Movie Theaters and Popcorn

Every movie theater has a refreshment stand, and every movie theater refreshment stand sells popcorn. They might sell other snacks too – soda, candy, shaved ice, smoothies, mixed nuts, ice cream, or even granola – or they might not. But you can always depend on finding simple popcorn for sale in a movie theater.

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Swine Flu Blues

My head feels like an anchor, my shoulders feel like lead.
My voice went on vacation and my stomach won’t be fed.
My temperature got so hot that the thermometer just turned red.
Emails are stacking up, I don’t even care what they said.

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Turkey Trivia

One evening, a few years ago, while sitting around with my family at the Thanksgiving Holiday table, we started talking about turkey trivia. I know, my family is interesting and a bit odd.

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Did you know that the latest scientific research shows the number of bacteria within the average healthy, human body out-number human cells by ten to one. That’s not a typo. Only 10% of the cells in your body are NOT microbes.

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