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Banana Seeds

You’ve seen those little black specks in the typical grocery store banana. I was taught that those are the seeds. Actually those are the immature seeds. Most of the bananas that Americans can buy in the grocery never develop fully functional seeds. Which leads to a question.

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Longest Cyclone

Did you know that scientists have been keeping watch on a cyclone that has been continuously blowing since 1878? Recent data indicates wind speeds of 250 miles per hour. And the size of this storm is enormous! Can you imagine?!!!

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Zucchini Holiday

There are some great summer holidays — like National Friendship Day on July 30, and August 6 has the distinction of being both National Root Beer Float Day and National Fresh Breath Day. Did you know there’s a holiday in honor of zucchini?

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Anti Gravity Pens

Have you heard the story about NASA spending a million dollars to design an anti-gravity pen that could write in space. According to the story, the Russians simply used a pencil.

It’s a great punch line, but is the story true?

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Shark Bites

Have you ever been floating in a crystalline sea with the sun caressing your skin when your inner iPod starts playing the theme from “Jaws?”

Now shark bites are exceeding rare. But still the thought of some sleek, silent attacker waiting to take advantage of your blissful ignorance

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Wisdom Teeth

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors coped with wisdom teeth before there were dentists? I was 24 when my wisdom teeth suddenly started making a break for freedom. And I was stumped.

Now why did I have 4 extra teeth for which there wasn’t any room?

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Cooking With Pots and Pans

I love to cook. I have used one of my pans for over 40 years. It’s a simple sauce pan, stainless steel, with a copper lining at the base. It’s been with me so long that I take it for granted.

But recently I started thinking about how people cook without either…

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Who Swears

So which state’s residents do you think swear the most? Do you think the folks in the Northeast might be the quickest to use a curse word? Does the Midwest hold the title for the most polite? How about those sweet Southerners?

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The Invention of Noodles

We all eat noodles — Mongolian beef over crunchy noodles, gooey with Velveeta cheese soaking into macaroni, tossed vegetables and teriyaki sauce on buckwheat strands, marinara drowned spaghetti – pasta is a staple in cultures all over the world. But who invented the first noodle? And better yet… HOW?

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