Power of Flattery

Have you heard that Marilyn Monroe wore a size 16? Whatever size dress she actually wore, she was certainly a bit plumper than our current standard of beauty. Ever since Twiggy (Leslie Hornsby, size 2), the Western ideal of beauty has gone skinny. Whereas in other parts of the world,

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Funny Sounds of Humor

I once heard that Buddy Hackett said that words with a ‘K’ sound in them are funny. So true!

A “car” is funnier than “automobile.”
A “caboose” is funnier than an engine.
A “cacophony of cats” is funnier than a noisy bunch of dogs.

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Power Point Oops

At a networking event yesterday a very articulate and knowledgeable person explained a new program that sounded fabulous. Great topic, great voice, good pacing, and well organized. He was warm, sincere, convincing and had added just the right touch of humor to keep things lively. It was just an all around good presentation — except for the Power Point.

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Science of Humor

“Darn all of those PC rules. You just can’t tell a good joke anymore.”

Science is now discovering that the insistence on political correctness is actually good for you. It was even for the people who were frustrated that they couldn’t tell mean jokes anymore.

As the researchers put it, “Hostile humor is…

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Fear of Public Speaking

What’s the one thing that new speakers fear the most about giving a speech? You might think the answer is “everything,” but there is one fear that tops all the others.

That fear is, “OMG! I’m so afraid that my mind will go blank and I’ll just be standing up there in front of everybody, looking like a complete fool!”

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Parody, Satire, Farce

Have you even felt annoyed at the endless speeches, postcards, telephone calls and advertisements during an election cycle? Have you even wanted to poke any of that preposterousness? To parody any of that pompousness? To lampoon any of that lofty speechifying?

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Could this be the latest in new school yard taunts, “Hey You Son a Neanderthal?” Or is it just the latest revelation from DNA?
Back when I was a kid, Neanderthals were known to be strong, lumbering and dumb. They thrived in Europe and the Middle East for some 200,000 years, where they did just fine until modern humans arrived. That’s when they realized that they couldn’t compete with our superior intelligence and hunting abilities. So they all fell down in awe and went extinct.

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