Hey, that’s my Swan!

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II owns the mute swans (Cygnus olor) in England? The Crown claimed ownership of all the mute swans in England (and Wales) way back in the 12th century to stop commoners from depriving the royals of one of their favorite meals. (And you thought it was for altruistic reasons.) […]

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Fish Dance, too!

                                     Birds build amazing nests and engage in elaborate mating dances, but did you know, so do fish? Take the betta splendens. You’ve seen them in the pet store, spectacular colors, grandiose fins, displayed one to a jar, away from other fish. […]

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Have you heard that sea otters hold hands when asleep?  Well, it  is true. Often a mother and pup will hold on to each other to keep from drifting apart. But that isn’t the only thing they do—they often use kelp. Sea otters wrap themselves in strands of kelp which grow from the sea bottom all […]

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Measuring Ocean Tides

You may know that oceans are affected by tides. But HOW are tides measured? You would be tempted to just measure the tidal change within calm inlets and extrapolate the information to other areas. Unfortunately, the tide doesn’t affect beaches the same way at all.

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Banana Bread Recipe

Holiday Banana Bread is a sweet pretty treat for your family during the holidays. Chocolate chips, cherries and pecans give this bread a festive appearance and make it a sweet alternative to fruit cake.

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